How do I book a session?

Go to my contact page and fill in the form in as much detail as possible. You can also email me directly at, wait for a response. I will not tolerate being hustled for a response. Patience is the key. If your application is not meeting my standards, I reserve the right not to respond. 


After your application form is accepted, we will have a first phone consultation before I decide to accept your session request. There is no reason to be nervous speaking to me - it's not a phone session and I'm easy to talk to. This is my way to get a feeling for you and your personality - and your opportunity to show your sincerity and your good manners. Please be respectful and don't ask for sex or anything which could offend me.

Where does the session take place?

I session from well equipped central London dungeons with a huge selection of tools and possibilities. 


You are also welcome to rent a 4* or 5* hotel room of my choice where the session can take place. 

For heavier BDSM sessions, I always prefer a dungeon set-up.

What should I do before I arrive at a session?

Plan your trip and arrive on time. I want you to arrive relaxed and enjoy the session. We don‘t want to start this journey with you being already out of breath.

Also, if you arrive late, I might have to shorten your session and you will be charged in full.

If you are running late (which can happen in London), please let me know as soon as possible. 


Have my tribute ready. In cash. In an open envelope. Please don‘t make me ask for it.

It‘s your opportunity to show me your respect.


Take a shower before you arrive at the session. Your personal hygiene is very important, especially for strap-on play. If I have the impression that your hygiene is not up to standard, I might have to decline the session. 


Dress to impress. Wear clean and ironed clothes to show me your respect. You also would not turn up at a date with dirty trainers or a tracksuit.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

It is standard among Dommes taking a deposit to secure a session and avoid last-minute cancellations or time wasters. A 50% deposit of my tribute has to be paid to confirm the session. This can be made via PayPal ( or bank transer.

Do you sell used items?

I sell used stockings, socks, gym gear, panties, spit water, hard skin, pee, scat.

My signature dish are my famous ice lolly tampons. Tasty, sweet, ice cold. Just like me. 

Can you resist? I bet you can't.

Can I take you out for dinner & drinks?

I love spending time with my slaves & subs. It is always my aim to build up a long-lasting connection with you. I accept invitations from regular subs but I expect to be tributed for my time by subs who wish me to accompany them for dinner and events. 

How much is your tribute?

The tribute for customized domination & BDSM sessions depends on what you wish to experience, where & when we session, etc.

But it starts at £200 per hour.

Needles, medical & period play starts at £250 per hour.

This includes the rental of the dungeon. 

I charge £100 per hour for vanilla dates & £60/30 min for a consultation/coffee date.


Please be aware, these prices are not negotiable.